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How To Start Your Joomla Site
Saturday, 5 December 2009
How Does Joomla Work?
Joomla is an award-winning open source CMS (content management system) that allows anyone to build a professional site quickly and easily, even if they've never built a website before. Joomla has a number of free plugins that help you extend the power and is a great tool for developers of any skill level.

What is a Joomla Template?

When thinking about the design of your site you can either make use of the thousands of pre-designed templates, or you can make a custom template. If you don't want to make your own template there are a multitude of free templates that you can make use of. If you choose to have your template custom designed there isn't much to worry about. VPS hosting are comprised of just a few simple files that are easy to setup and edit.

Joomla templates allow for anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge, to easily maintain their dynamic website.

What's The Secret Behind Joomla Templates?

When someone visits a page on your site, Joomla searches the database for all information that is relevant to that page. This information includes not just the main content item they are after, but also the menus and other modules that should be shown. Then, using your template's code, Joomla figures out where everything should be displayed.

When you use a pre-made Joomla template, you are given various options for editing "css" and "html". CSS or cascading style sheets are what control the look and feel detail of your website and html refers to the file that controls the positioning of the text.

Changing any images in the template you need is very simple. Since the image files are ordinarily linked in the HTML files you just need to go in and point the image call to the location of your new image file. If the new image isn't the same size as the image it's replacing you can cause some weird errors.

Simply select your template from the thousands that are available for no charge online and you can start customizing it to your heart's content. With a couple clicks of a button you can convert your site into anything you want.

How Do Joomla Templates Help?

Joomla templates help you design and create new sites and upgrade existing ones without the need to hire pricey web designers. Joomla templates make it easy to insert extra pages, audio and video and also to add or edit text, pictures and menus.

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